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Dream Big and Implement Small

Jennessa Durrani

I’m Jennessa Durrani. At 10 I was a wide eyed, messy artist child that was limitless in my dreaming. It was then that I created my big dream. I was going to leave my tiny town in the middle of nowhere Iowa and move to the big city to become an interior designer. It was 1981. From that moment on I did everything I needed to do to make that dream a reality. In 1994, after graduating from design school, I drove from Iowa to Massachusetts with $300 in my pocket. I didn't know a soul. But that didn't keep me from landing my dream job as a corporate interior designer. I had made it. I was living that little dreamers dream. But within 10 years, I realized that this was not the profession for me. I had loved it, until I didn’t and I wanted out. But I hadn’t ever dreamt forward. I had no idea where to go from there. It was at that moment that I learned the valuable lesson that we always stand at choice. We can choose to stay where we know we no longer belong. Or we can choose to brave the path forward to live the life we were meant to live. I took the leap without a net and have never looked back. Over the past twenty years I’ve stood at that choice time and time again. Each time, rekindling my relationship with that dreamer deep inside of me. But at the same time, grappling with the constraints of being an adult, a spouse and a parent! As a result, I have learned the art of dreaming big and then implementing small to get me to my life by design. It's that art that I want to share with you each week. I will share my tips, hacks, tricks and ideas on how you can dream big and implement small to make the most of your busy days. To lift your dreams out of the in-between and make space for you. And I’m going to do it in 20 minutes or less, because seriously, who has the time to listen to any more than that! So listen along while you take your walk, fold the laundry, sit in the school pick up line. You do you! I promise to keep it light, actionable and most importantly...doable. We've got this my friends! Join me…join us as we get there together.
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