Surviving to Thriving: A Podcast for Moms

43: HAPPY MAIL: An Amazing Story About the Power of the Written Word

November 02, 2022 Jennessa Durrani Season 1 Episode 43
Surviving to Thriving: A Podcast for Moms
43: HAPPY MAIL: An Amazing Story About the Power of the Written Word
Show Notes

Welcome to Dream Big and Implement Small. I'm Jennessa Durrani. I help midlife moms discover their meaning and find fulfillment outside of motherhood AND the energy to pursue it through simple 10 minute a day systems and practices so that they can feel whole once again. And this is my podcast where in 20ish minutes or less I share my tips, tricks, hacks and stories on how you can go from chaos to calm.

"To send a letter is a good way to go somewhere without moving anything but your heart." -Phyllis Theroux

A year ago, a friend of mine from growing up joined the Daily Practice and my Inner Circle and in one of our first gatherings mentioned in passing that she had made a card for her daughter at college, every single week that she was away. She downplayed it, because it was easy and natural for her…thoughtfulness is her super power. For so many of us, we downplay our superpowers because they come so easy to us but are marveled at by others. 

The power of her story and her project is what inspired my new Happy Mail Circle and I had to have Pam and her daughter Anna join me to tell you their story themselves. Get the Kleenex out my friends, it’s amazing. Which is about all I say through the entire episode.  

I hope you love this story as much as I did. I don’t think you can listen to this story and not believe by the end that the written word is powerful. It connects. It touches. It empowers. And it is so easy to deliver. I would love for you to join the Happy Mail Circle to up your own happy mail practice. Once a month I will send you four beautiful inspirational postcards with the stamps because who the heck has time to go to the post office. And each week I will give you ideas on who to send them to and even what to say.  

10% of the proceeds of the Happy Mail Circle benefit the work of Compassion Takes Action.

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